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Get the Body You Want This Year with the Ideal Protein® Weight-Loss Method

About two-thirds of the US population is obese or overweight. With that statistic, it’s not surprising to learn that at any given time, 50% of women are on diets. Unfortunately, most diets don’t work. Studies show that about 95% of people on diets will regain any weight they lost within a few years.

Fortunately, there is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. The Ideal Protein® weight-loss method is more than just a diet. It’s a program that’s both a meal plan and a support group.

What is the Ideal Protein® weight-loss method?

Ideal Protein® is a four-phase protocol developed by doctors and administered only through doctors’ offices such as the Center for Women’s Health in Wichita. The four-phase program helps ensure that you get down to the weight you want and, with education and support, are able to maintain that weight in the long term.

The providers at the Center for Women’s Health act as weight-loss coaches to answer questions and provide support so you achieve your weight-loss goals.

One of the benefits of the program is that it includes prepared foods and snacks, so if you’re busy, you stick to the diet without derailing your efforts by grabbing an unhealthy snack. Another benefit is that it includes nutritional supplements to ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.

What are the four phases of the Ideal Protein® program?

The first phase is the weight-loss phase. It lasts as long as you need it to get to your goal body weight. During this phase, you follow a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate eating program that includes partial meal replacements. Through personalized weekly one-on-one meetings with your weight-loss coach, you receive all the support and guidance you need to get down to your goal weight.

The second phase is a two-week period that helps you start transitioning to eating without the meal replacements. During this 14-day phase, you start adding more whole foods. The third phase, also two weeks, is called the pre-stabilization phase, when you further continue to add healthy, whole foods to your diet and continue to learn about making healthy eating choices to help you maintain your weight loss.

Phase four is a yearlong phase during which you are on your own in deciding what you choose to eat, but you still receive education and support from your coach to ensure that you continue on your healthy eating journey and — most importantly — keep your weight off for good.

How is the Ideal Protein® program different from other diets?

One of the biggest differences with the Ideal Protein® program is that it’s not only a meal plan, but a weight-loss program that teaches you how to make healthy choices for life. During the program, you learn how and why to make good food choices. Some of the things you learn through your weight-loss coach are:

For more information on how to lose weight — and keep it off — with the Ideal Protein® weight-loss method, call the Center for Women’s Health in Wichita, Kansas, or make an appointment online.

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