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What Makes Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Plan So Successful

Weight loss is a relatively simple process -- in theory. But executing the exercise and dietary changes necessary is not so easy, especially if you’re going it alone. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol that we offer at the Center for Women’s Health provides you with the support and education to help you achieve weight loss success. Read on to find out why this program is your ticket to a healthier, lighter physique.

What is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol?

This is a medically-designed, four-phase program that’s low in calories and carbohydrates and supplemented with partial meal replacements. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol has two primary components: weight loss support and a healthier lifestyle education. The combination of these two elements mean you lose weight, and learn how to keep it off for the long term.

During phase 1, you eat Ideal Protein meal replacement foods plus lots of vegetables and 8 ounces of “whole protein.” Whole protein foods include shellfish and fish, lean steak and pork, poultry, and tofu. You follow phase 1 until you reach your ideal weight. Phase 2, which goes on for 14 days, decreases your intake of Ideal Protein meal replacements to two per day, and continues to encourage fresh vegetables and 16 ounces of whole protein.

In Phase 3, you eat just one Ideal Protein food daily, and increase your whole protein intake to 24 ounces per day, plus ample vegetables. You follow this plan until you and your coaches at the Center for Women’s Health feel you’re ready to move on to phase 4 – or maintenance. This 12-month plan is focused on stabilization of your weight and long-term maintenance with ongoing support.

Why the diet works

The Ideal Protein Protocol revises your relationship with food and restores it to what it’s meant to be. Your body draws energy from three major macronutrients found in food – fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Your body breaks down carbohydrates relatively quickly, so it draws on these calories and reserves first, before breaking down stored fat or muscle.

Limiting carbs as is done on the protocol means your body needs to burn fat stores to create energy. When you focus on eating plenty of protein on the diet, it preserves lean muscle mass -- valuable tissue you want to maintain to promote a lean-looking physique and a higher metabolic rate.

The meal replacement foods and snacks provided by Ideal Protein are tasty, easy-to-prepare, convenient, varied, and portion controlled.

Education to promote long-term healthy habits

The education and counseling aspect of the program also contributes to its great success. You receive weekly, one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education, and guidance. Our staff at the Center for Women’s Health can help you understand how your body uses the energy in food and burns fat. You’ll get information on the types of foods that are best suited for your weight maintenance and how to combine macronutrients to promote a healthy body and energy level.

The program also includes online tools for tracking and ongoing online support to keep you motivated and committed.

Learn to make smarter and healthier food choices for you and your family. The result is more energy, a slimmer physique, and improved markers of health -- including stable blood sugar, reduced blood pressure, and decreased risk of chronic disease. Call our office or book a consultation online to get started today.

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